Currently Serving First Christian Church of Duncanville, Texas

I concluded my final interim pastorate with First Christian Church of Albany, Texas in March 2016. For now, I am leaving this page in my blog for any value it may be to others (congregations or pastors) engaged in interim ministry between pastors.

I have shifted my attention to addressing the needs of my wife and family as we move into a new phase of our life. I am able to do that while driving funeral cars on a day-to-day on-call basis and being available to conduct funerals for people who do not have a pastor. Information about my Funeral and Memorial Ministry can be found at that link in the Navigate box below.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my interim ministry and am satisfied that I have completed it while I am still able to do it, before anyone has to wonder why I keep trying when I can't do it any longer. I do not want to be like the aging athletes who try to prolong their careers only to stumble and bumble around on the playing field or court. I give thanks to God for the wonderful people who came into our lives through these five interim pastorates on top of my total of 40+ years of pastoral ministry.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Transitional/Interim Pastor Focus

Interim Ministry Network Training
I have completed the Fundamentals of Transitional Ministry (April 2009), The Intentional Interim Minister (September 2010), and Field Work (2011) through The Interim Ministry Network, Baltimore, Maryland. 800-235-8414

DVDs of the “Five Developmental Tasks for a Congregation in Transition” seminar and CDs of selected sermons are available on request.

Variety of Ministries
I have been a long-term associate in a large congregation with a large staff and multiple worship services of contrasting styles, and I have been both a solo pastor in a new congregation and the senior pastor – head of staff in a congregation with a 150 year history. I have a breadth of cultural experiences having served in urban and suburban communities, in the Midwest, East Coast and Southwest. I began my career with para-church Christian education positions which gave me experience consulting with a wide variety of congregations, working with clergy, staff and lay leaders.

Participation in the Larger Church
Ecumenical and denominational clergy fellowship and congregational participation are important to me. When I was in New Jersey I was active with the Christian education department of the Presbytery of Monmouth and with the Rancocas Valley Clergy Association. In Dallas I have been active in the Texas Health Resources Attending Clergy Association and the Baylor Hospital Visiting Clergy Association. With the North Texas Area of the Christian Church in the Southwest I have served on the Area Cabinet and been a Mentor and Co-Dean of the Trinity Brazos and North Texas Areas Licensed Ministers Training. As an interim pastor I can help a congregation in transition draw on and engage with the larger Church.

Being an Interim/Transitional Pastor
As an interim/transitional pastor, I guide, assist and support a congregation in the time between pastors as they make the journey from where they have been to be ready for energetic ministry when their new pastor arrives. I help them celebrate the highlights of their history. I help them address conflicts and problems so when the new pastor comes energy can go into ministry. I help them discover and define their identity and vision that can unify and mobilize them with the new pastor. I help them through the adjustments among leaders that naturally come with a pastoral transition. I connect them with the resources and people of their denomination. As an interim pastor listening will be a primary tool for accomplishing these goals. I need to listen to both leaders and members of the congregation, and even more important, help them listen to each other and in that process listen for the voice of God. As interim pastor I maintain a sensitive objectivity. Transitions between pastors can require honest and caring confrontation. They are opportunities for congregations to evaluate and prioritize their ministries. While not involved in the Search and Call process, I do prepare the congregation to welcome the new pastor with enthusiasm, energy, expectation and love.

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