Currently Serving First Christian Church of Duncanville, Texas

I concluded my final interim pastorate with First Christian Church of Albany, Texas in March 2016. For now, I am leaving this page in my blog for any value it may be to others (congregations or pastors) engaged in interim ministry between pastors.

I have shifted my attention to addressing the needs of my wife and family as we move into a new phase of our life. I am able to do that while driving funeral cars on a day-to-day on-call basis and being available to conduct funerals for people who do not have a pastor. Information about my Funeral and Memorial Ministry can be found at that link in the Navigate box below.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my interim ministry and am satisfied that I have completed it while I am still able to do it, before anyone has to wonder why I keep trying when I can't do it any longer. I do not want to be like the aging athletes who try to prolong their careers only to stumble and bumble around on the playing field or court. I give thanks to God for the wonderful people who came into our lives through these five interim pastorates on top of my total of 40+ years of pastoral ministry.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Developmental Tasks for a Congregation in Transition

The following two posts are the outline and handout materials that go with the audio and PowerPoint presentation available at the Ministry Audio link to Developmental Tasks for a Congregation in Transition in the left margin.

Since I took the training with the Interim Ministry Network the language for the Developmental Tasks has been updated to Focus Points: Heritage, Mission, Leadership, Connections and Future.

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